Intro to Automation Software

Bot creation software is changing the way many people run their businesses for the better. These programs relinquish the need for outsourcing, resulting in serious savings in time and money as well as a smoother workflow. And with software like Ubot Studio, now even complete programming novices can take advantage of the benefits, too – because you need no code experience to run it.

Ubot makes it a cinch to automate practically any business task – basically, if you can perform a function in a browser, you can create a bot to perform it for you. This includes tweeting, online classified-posting, creating Web 2.0 accounts, mass Private Messaging on multiple forums, Facebook tools like friend-adding, group management, RSS submission, data scraping, and so much more. Think about that one task you do every day – over and over again – you can automate it with bot software, as well as all of the other repetitive, mundane responsibilities you dislike doing.

Drag and Drop Interface

There are a few things that make it so special. First and foremost, it is extremely easy to learn and use. It features a drag-and-drop interface that is absolutely the simplest way to create a bot – no question about it. Furthermore, the creators are always on top of their product, as well as investigating the market to maintain a clean., enhanced version of the software. They are constantly updating it to accommodate the ever-changing needs of the internet marketing and IT communities

Support Community

Speaking of communities, that’s another great reason to choose Ubot as your bot software – even though you do not need programming knowledge, you are bound to have a few questions as you learn the program. They offer unending support in the form of some very active forums, where you can find support, ask questions, share tips and tricks, and even share or sell your bots. The company also provides top-notch customer service, and a slew of online video tutorials for learning each and every step of creating a bot library, too.

Free Trial

A lot of Most other automation software programs don’t offer a trial period – with them, it’s all or nothing, sink or swim. Ubot, however, allows you a 30-day trial period during which time you have access to all of the software’s features. So you have plenty of time to play around with your bots, brainstorm with members of the forum, and really decide whether or not the program is an ideal match for your business’ needs.

And when you do decided to purchase the bot software, your license provides you with the most current, enhanced version of the program – and the best part is, it never expires! The license delivers you free software updates for 3 months, after which you would have the option to purchase additional enhancements. Even if you choose to stick with your current program, the software is yours forever, and you will always have free access to forums and tutorials so that your bot experience can be a superior experience.

Ubot Features

Ubot 5 is jam-packed with new features and enhancements to make your bot building experience as simple, fluid and productive as possible. From a new “drag-and-drop” interface to better iFrame support, there is so much more to do with this software. It’s likely even the craftiest of bot-builders don’t know just how much new stuff is going on in the Studio. So here’s a quick rundown of the new things you can do with it:

Advanced Flash Support

Working with flash elements no longer interrupts your bot because it runs in the background (and with Ubot 5′s upgraded performance you can even disable Javascript and Flash and CSS so that your bot can run steadily).

Image Recognition

You can take a snapshot of an element (button, text field, etc.) and assign your bot a task (like clicking on a button or entering text into a field) associated with the picture. IR also works in the background.

Artificial Intelligence

Older versions required you to create different bots to perform the same job on different web pages. With the new UScript language, your bot now “knows” enough to be able to work between pages.

Element Selectors

No more choosing attributes to correlate with an element on a page. Now, when you are working with an element, an element selector is accordingly created for you.

Built-In Browser

It no longer matters what version of Internet Explorer you are using because your bot doesn’t care – it has its own. This makes for more rapid loading.

Separate Browsers

In older versions, you had to log into different accounts one-by-one since information was shared between browsers. Now, individual browsers possess their own exclusive cookies, cache and other information so you can sign into lots of accounts at the same time. (Plus, browsers in Ubot 5 can run when they are hidden.)

Code View

It’s simpler to manage your nodes, because you can convert them into code and view the code in a text editor. You can even cut and past this code and send it to someone, enabling you to share your bots quickly and easily.

Header Overrides

Yes, you can teach an old bot new tricks: by overriding headers, your bot can now pretend to be another browser or appear to be coming from another page.

Step and UI Buttons

Both buttons make for a more fluid maintenance of your bots: step buttons by allowing you to run through each stage of your code without the old stop-and-go method, and UI buttons by enabling users to run nodes in a quick click.


Check on the values of your variables whenever you want.

If-Else-Then Command

This brand new command allows for users to make “conditional statements”, forcing bots to carry out functions only at certain times or under special conditions

Private Proxy Credentials

Deeper security means greater flexibility for your bots.